What is “Forever Chemical” That Threatens Our Water Supply & how do we combat it

What is Forever Chemical & Where they are used at? Do you know fast-food wrappers, pizza boxes, nail polish, and water-repellent clothing share a common link? They all contain a group of persistent, human-made chemicals that have infiltrated our surroundings, even reaching our municipal water supply, posing a grave threat to public health. These chemicals, known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), have earned the monikers “ubiquitous chemicals” or “eternal chemicals” due to their extensive use since the 1950s. Due to their non-degradable nature, they accumulate in our environment and accumulate within our bodies over time. The widespread prevalence of […]

Office Pantry Can Increase Productivity , A Powerful Tool for Recruitment and Retention

What is an office pantry? An Office Pantry service offers employees complimentary snacks and beverages. It can range from basic stocked shelves to fully equipped kitchens with fresh food options. The key feature is its round-the-clock accessibility, making it a highly valued employee perk. Office pantries are essential additions to break rooms in many offices in Malaysia now. Employees greatly appreciate the availability of free food and beverages. Moreover, the presence of convenient grab-and-go options for healthy snacks further enhances employee satisfaction, leading to a remarkable boost in overall workplace contentment. It is also a cost effective solution to enhance […]

Drinking Distilled Water Good for Your Kidneys?

Each person has two kidneys. A lot of people live with some kind of kidney disease without even knowing it while attributing the symptoms themselves to some other condition. But, also some patients have almost no symptoms until the late stage when the kidneys begin to fail. The function of the kidneys is to filter the blood from the body’s waste products and to control the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body. All the blood in the body passes through the kidneys several times a day. By passing the blood through the kidneys, the waste is removed, and […]

Delicious Drink Recipes to serve this Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year, serve up some homemade teas instead of the typical packet or canned drinks. Both refreshing and a conversation starter, your guests will be thrilled by these easy-to-make alternatives that are great for cooling down on warm days, It is a wonderful substitute to artificially sweetened beverages! Remember it is best used with Pure Water as the water – to enjoy even more refreshing and original taste of the ingredients you added into the drink.   Freshly Brewed Ice Tea with Fresh Mint This homemade brewed tea is easy to make, and allows you to control the […]
5 Non-alcoholic drinks for christmas

5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks For the Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and if you are like me, want to celebrate the celebration without the alcohol & still be merry – try these delicious mocktails. They are refreshing and mouthwatering. Here are 5 uniquely Malaysian mocktails for you to try, DIY-style. Pandan Lemongrass This mocktail is a delicious concoction of pandan, lemongrass and ginger that brings a delightful fragrance to the beverage, while also quenching your thirst on a hot day. And the flavour is divine! An easy-to-make beverage to cool down on a hot day. Drink hot or over ice. By: Davina Da Vegan Ingredients 1 L of […]