3 Reasons to Convert to Water Purifier

Clean, pure water is essential for a healthy life, and making the switch to water purification has never been more important. Discover three compelling reasons why water purification is a smart choice for you and your family. Let’s explore three compelling reasons why making the switch to water purification is a smart choice. Efficiency: Saving Time and Money No more boiling water or constantly buying bottled water. One of the most significant advantages of converting to water purification systems is the enhanced efficiency they bring to your daily life. Traditional methods of obtaining clean water, such as purchasing bottled water […]

7 Ideas to Improve your Break-Room

Good break rooms are an overlooked feature in an office environment. There may be some concern that employees will spend too much time in there, or that it is a waste of space in a limited space plan. In almost every workplace, the decision not to have a break room is made for a multitude of reasons. As a result, employees are forced to leave the building for their lunch break, congregate in a make-do office break room, or worse, eat at their desks. That means they don’t get a healthy, refreshing break from their work station, not to mention the […]

5 Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

  1. SHOW GRATITUDE (Say Thank you!) People want to feel appreciated for what they do, especially by their managers. That’s because leaders have a broader view of organizational goals and evaluate employee performance, so their praise feels particularly relevant and lets employees know they’re on the right track. Here are some guidelines for expressing gratitude at work: Clearly state what your team member did well, how it relates to her unique strengths, and how it helps the organization. (In general, make it more about her amazing qualities and less about how it helped you–i.e., “Your quick and creative thinking […]