Can face mist help your skin?

Can face mist help your skin? Face mists has been the rave for the past few years and as we see that the ‘main’ ingredient is H2O , we at Pure Water decided to do some research on this beauty tip. According to science, we’ve been making a major mistake when it comes to attacking dry and damaged skin. Ladies (and men alike in recent times) spent years turning to expensive beauty products endorsed by celebrities in hope to keep our skin youthful & supple as long as possible. When the creams, lotions & serums fail to deliver, we then […]

Why you should cook your meals with Pure water

Why You Should Cook your Meals with Pure Water Your water may have traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometres before reaching your tap. Many people take turning on the tap for granted. Often we forget the journey that water takes, or the processes that are undertaken every day in order to guarantee that water can be consumed safely. Of course there are risks even with tap water; this is why most experts recommend you install at least a water filter in your home. It is worth noting that a water filter will remove the chemicals used to treat the water. […]

4 Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning in the Workplace or Home

Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning in the Workplace or Home As a society, we are increasingly concerned about keeping our homes and workplaces clean and sanitized in order to prevent the spread of disease. Stringent cleaning & sanitizing standard practices that used to be common in food & beverage sector has now spread to our everyday lives due to covid-19 pandemic. We have seen ourselves spending more on cleaning & sanitizing chemicals but did you know you don’t necessarily have to spend more on cleaning chemicals that may contain toxins? Yes.. thanks to steam cleaning, you can create a spick-and-span […]

Distilled water uses for Beauty Care

Distilled water uses for Beauty Care Distilled water for Beauty Care? Yes! You might be using Distilled water only for drinking. But, do you know that Distilled water can be use to wash your hair and also your face? It is one of the beauty secret to get clear skin and also healthy hair. Here are some simple tips to using distilled water for your beauty care regime. Hydration for your Face The method of  moisture hydration your face is important to consider.  While you’ll certainly get wet by dunking your head in a bowl of water or under the […]