Different equipment for different needs

Almost every break room at any workplace - coffee is always a staple beverage. That coffee break helps us bond, offers social interaction, and improves employee satisfaction on many levels. And we understand everyone likes their cuppa differently - we have different equipment for different settings and requirements that are easy to use

Nestle Coffee Machines

Nescafe coffee machines offer single-serve machines perfect for a coffee-lovers kitchen or small office space. There are many options that guarantee high-quality service and the taste you want from a commercial coffee machine. Easy-to-use, automatic machines are made with stylish contemporary designs to suit your workplace's breakroom.

And what's even better? If the conditions are suitable, the machines can be use without charge!
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Barista-like Coffee

Love the freshly brewed coffee right of the beans? Our fully automatic bean to cup machine will satisfy you. With a touch of a button you can get your very own espresso, flat white or latte in matter of minutes. You don't have to run down to the coffee joints for a cuppa now. You can choose from our range of coffee beans from Mister Coffee Classic to 100% Arabica blends or you can mix your own - the machine can be use for all types of beans

Affordable monthly rental that includes monthly servicing. Why buy when you can rent? Interested, contact us!
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Quick, easy and good

Yes we hear you! Good cup of coffee that use minimal space, basically - just plug and use The Pods Coffee machine brew a mean cup of coffee despite it's size. You do not have to worry about freshness of the beans or much maintenance. Just pop in the coffee pod then start the machine - a fresh cup of coffee in 2 minutes!

Why do we choose pods vs capsules? Well, it is more eco-friendly since the filter pod are made of paper. Pods also produce higher volume per brew. More brewed coffee and less landfill - it is an easy choice

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Packaged beverages

Just something basic and easy for every tastes, we have a wide range of instant hot beverages from the popular 3 in 1 coffee, milo and even teh tarik! Just order and leave us to deliver them to you

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Leave it to us! At your service.

Give your employees a "bonus" every day with a well-stocked breakroom. Don't want to manage item by item for your pantry? Let us managed it for you. You'll always have a reliable source for breakroom amenities – no matter the size or needs of your office. With our assortment of beverage equipment, coffees, teas, bottled water, cups, sweeteners, creamers and more, you can make this a go-to spot throughout the day. And that means more satisfaction and productivity from everyone during the daily 9–5.

We can customised your pantry or breakroom needs based on your budget and users. All you have to do is let us know what's your preference is and we will arrange them and deliver them to you monthly. No fuss.
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