The Vapura - Rain Maker

Purest of water using state of the art technology without the filters

If you are eco-concious, Vapura Rain Maker is for you. Simulating nature's water purification method, the RainMaker Technology produces mountain fresh like water without the need of filters.

The Technology

As Nature Intended, Low Evaporative Technology that produces natural purified water
Technology Explained

State of The Art Technology

With our mother nature in mind, RainMaker was invented to
✅LOW in Energy use
✅Provides the HIGH Purity of water
✅SAFE to use
✅Space SAVING (eliminates needs to store large bottles at site)
✅ENVIRONMENTALLY sustainable (energy efficient & eliminates plastic and filter wastes)
✅24/7 - always available for use
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Product Model & Features

Yes, you only incur the costs of what you use. Join our hassle-free supplier inventory managed program where our team will replenish your empty bottles without any additional costs!

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