FAQ - Pure Water Bottled Water Dispensers


1Water doesn't flow from the tap
Let the water dispenser sit with a bottle on top for 5-10 mins. It can take up to a 2 minutes for the first cup of water to flow from either taps. There may be air blockage: Lift the bottle up and let air into bottle. Slowly rock the bottle and water cooler from side to side.
2Water is not cold enough
a) Too much water has been dispensed within a short period of time. Wait for the cooling system to cool the water in the reservoir. Wait for 15-20 mins after more than 4-6 cups of continuous water dispensed by previous user (The cold water dispensed should be providing between 8 - 15©C cold water & not lower ) b) The water dispenser does not have the correct clearances from the wall. c) The room temperature is too hot (greater than 30C). Find a cooler location for your water cooler.
3Hot Water is not hot enough
a) Too much water has been dispensed within a short period of time. Wait for 5-8 mins for the heater to heat up the water. If after more than 30mins the water is still only luke warm, please call our office. b) For safety concerns, the hot water is heated up to 90 degree celcius which is good to make your beverage easily. Please do not expect it to be piping boiling hot.
4Water leak from the bottom of the dispenser
a) Checks both the red & blue faucets are properly tighten. (If problem persists where leaks is from the faucet – call our customer service for a faucet replacement.) b) Bottle may have a small hairline crack that results in small leakages. Remove bottle and then try a new bottle. & replace with another bottle (although we do a 100% check before delivery – sometimes slight cracks are not detected & only surfaced after the delivery) c) If leak still occurs – check at the back of dispenser where the drain pipe’s plug is not loose (as it sometimes occur – the plug may have come loose – resulting in water leak from the drain pipe) d) If leak is from excessive water boiling in the dispenser (see FAQ#5)
5Hot water will not stop heating & water kept on boiling
Switched off the unit immediately & let it cool down for 30mins. Then switch it on. (this is because the automatic hot thermostat programmed may have been affected – switching off the unit & then switching it back on would help to reset it) Pls call our service team for an exhange or repair.
6Water leaking from the tap / faucet
a) Taps may be loose. Tighten the leaking tap slightly by turning clockwise. b) The tap/faucet is already faulty due to wear and tear. A replacement tap will be supplied if required
7Water has bad taste
Your water dispenser has been pre cleaned, but in the unlikely event that you experience a bad taste If this taste continues: a) turn off the power b) empty the unit from the drain plugs underneath - be very careful when opening the hot water drain plug c) flush 2 litres of clean tap water right though the system d) put plugs back in place securely (5) fill the tank with hot water and two table spoons of bi carb soda and leave over night. (6) next day follow steps 2 to 4 again. Now ensure you dispense a cup of water from the hot tap prior to turning the rear power switches back on. Or Just give us a call so we can send our dedicated technician to check
8Water dispenser does not operate
a) Not plugged in or power switch off. b) Power point not working, try another point. c) A circuit breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown.

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