Keeping Hydrated during Sports & Fitness

Keeping Hydrated during Sports & Fitness Fluids keep your body hydrated, without them your body won’t function at its best. If you don’t drink enough fluid: Your Body temperature & heart rate may rise. That’s because when the total amount of water in your body is below normal level, you body can’t propertly regulate heat. You may feelmore fatigued than usual You may not able to think clearly – your motor control, decision making-making abilities and concentration may be impaired Your body’s functions may slow down  Your performance in sport or exercise may not be as good as it could […]

7 Ideas to Improve your Break-Room

Good break rooms are an overlooked feature in an office environment. There may be some concern that employees will spend too much time in there, or that it is a waste of space in a limited space plan. In almost every workplace, the decision not to have a break room is made for a multitude of reasons. As a result, employees are forced to leave the building for their lunch break, congregate in a make-do office break room, or worse, eat at their desks. That means they don’t get a healthy, refreshing break from their work station, not to mention the […]

5 Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

  1. SHOW GRATITUDE (Say Thank you!) People want to feel appreciated for what they do, especially by their managers. That’s because leaders have a broader view of organizational goals and evaluate employee performance, so their praise feels particularly relevant and lets employees know they’re on the right track. Here are some guidelines for expressing gratitude at work: Clearly state what your team member did well, how it relates to her unique strengths, and how it helps the organization. (In general, make it more about her amazing qualities and less about how it helped you–i.e., “Your quick and creative thinking […]

Tips minum 8 gelas air di bulan puasa


4 Methods to Purify your water

As industrial pollution and environmental factors are contaminating our water more and more, it’s crucial that we learn more about water purification technologies and choose a water purification methods that protects us from these contaminants. It is important to confirm your water has been purified or treated before drinking. The market offers several types of water purification systems (or water filters) that utilize varying water purification technologies for cleaner, safer and better water.. But, do you know which one is the best type of water filtration system at home?  You’ll know right after this guide. There are 4 most common water […]