Our Services

PURE Service Care
One Point of contact - A dedicated team that covers everything from your installation, maintenance to repairs
Filter change
Using approved and high quality filters for the water purifiers. We believe total replacement of filters for each service visit
Customised Installation
Over 27 years of experience in drinking water installations from offices, homes to ship yards. Customers are assured with our ability to cater the suitable installation for their needs
Fuss free Maintenance
Using our inhouse scheduling software let's our PURE service team to track, plan and ensure timely maintenance of the equipments and filters for our customer
Steam Sanitization
Using the Steam Sanitization Technology to clean and sanitize the water purifiers and dispenser without any cleaning chemicals to ensure hygienic and safety
Service & Repairs
With our warehouse well stocked with the required parts and our trained technicians - we are always ready to resolve any repairs if required; this helps you to use your water purifiers or dispensers longer

Installations and On Site Services

Steam Sanitization

We use Steam Sanitization Technology to clean and sanitized the water dispensers without the need harmful chemicals

International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) recommends that bottled water dispensers to be sanitized & flush every 3 months to prevent biofilm growth in the reservoir. Maintaining the hygiene of the water dispenser will ensure the water dispensed from your dispenser is clean and free of contaminants

With Pure Water service standards that has been developed and improved for the past 27 years, our Pure Service Team have gone through trainings and rigourous hands on experience to ensure our service level are maintained
Uniquely you
We understand that everyone, every company, every needs are different and we will customised our services according to your unique requirements
We pride our reliable service with no questions ask policy should our team fail to meet the customer's expectations, we will replace the equipment or perform the tasks without any charges if there are any disagreements
Express service
Our dedicated team of customer service will response to your requests and needs within 24 hours