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JB - ASEAN EXPO 2013You have been drinking our water every day at work or at home, ever wonder what your drinking water can do for your health? How about how the water affect the tastes of your favorite beverages? Or do you wonder if Pure Water just supplies bottled distilled
water? Do you know that now you can make your own distilled water at home ?
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Tap Water Linked to Increase in Bladder Cancer

With the ever increasing busy lifestyles and time constrain, hitting the tap for a quick quench or for cooking may seem harmless. Think otherwise as a study published in the International Journal Of Cancer has tap water associated with bladder cancer..

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Protect your child from environment toxins

In this modern age with the introduction of more & more new technology – we are insusceptibility also get exposed to increased environmental contaminants. This month – we will share some simple tips on how you can protect your child from the 2 main sources from our environment.

Drinking 8 glass a day - is it enough?

8 Glass of WaterWe often wonder " I drink 8 glasses of water a day, should I do that or should I NOT do that? . Below is an excerpt from "FIT FOR LIFE by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond on this Question.

As you eat more foods that contain a lot of water, you will not have as much desire or requirement for water. In other words, people are drinking 8 glasses of water a day are doing so because they are not getting enough water out of the food that they are eating. Their diets are predominated by concentrated foods, so their bodies are continuously crying out for water.