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Safe Drinking Water

Don't take a chance on the safety of your drinking water!

Is boiling water sufficient?

Boiling not only kills bacteria, but also concentrates the contaminants in the water. It does not remove them. The purest water escapes as steam as the water boils.

Is filtering water enough to be safe?

Even if the water is filtered under sanitary conditions, it just isn't enough. Many pollutants such as bacteria, viruses and heavy metals, can still remain in the water after the filtering process. most bottled water is only filtered.

What about mineral water?

Mineral water usually comes from an underground source. Water from this source is also likely to be contaminated with undesireable minerals and impurities. The amount of essential minerals for human body needs is insignificant in mineral water.

One glass of orange juice, for instance, contains more beneficial minerals than thirty gallons of untreated water. Food is therefore the Proper source of minerals not water.

Much of the minerals found in mineral water are inorganic and cannot be used in the physiological process of cell-building. These inorganic materials cannot be utilised or excreted but are stored in the human body. Over a period of time, this may result in the hardening of the arteries, stones within kidneys, gall bladder and joints.

Switch to the best alternative

Drinking distilled Pure Water avoids the potential problems of boiled water, filtered water and mineral water. Pure Water is water which has been heated so that it turns into vapour, leaving behind all impurities. This steam is then condensed into fresh, crystal clear, safe and great tasting Pure Water!
Steam distillation is the only proven scientific way to remove all impurities from untreated water.

Aren't you ready for Pure Water?

Pure Water
is safe
is free from:

  • Organic - (Petrolium based) Insecticides, Pesticides, Herbicides, Industrial Solvents...
  • Biological - Bacteria, Viruses, Garcia Cysts, parasites...
  • Radioactive - Strontium 9D, Plutonium, Radium...

is a process and ozonated, utilising the latest Purification Technology in America.
meets or exceeds F.D.A (Food & Drug Administration) standards od USA.

Improving the quality of life through the quality of water

Eternal Pure Water